Saturday, 18 October 2008

Al Khobar here we come!

So it was Friday and Friday is Chris' one day off a week, and I am not allowed to drive so the poor man had to spend his only day of rest taking me to Al Khobar to find the scrap shop!! Its about an hour and half to drive there but being Friday, nothing is open until 4 oclock in the afternoon and everywhere shuts for prayers..... first prayers was at 5 oclock. Now the scrappers reading this are agreeing with me... an hour to scrap shop? So, we speed scrap... I must learn how to speed stash shop!! Well, we drove there and arrived in one piece... the drivers here are appalling.... really appalling... they have no lane discipline and none have figured out what the little indicator lever on the steering wheel is for.... though this could be because they don't have a spare hand... its on the horn.... all the time!! LOL Sooooo, the shop... well, its not a scrap shop as we know and love them... it did have some 12 x 12 papers - Chris says it did... he saw them!! I did not... I found some lovely ribbons - extremely cheap at 80p for a 20 metre roll, I found lovely beads for threading onto my BIA wires, I found some lovely offcuts of lace and sequinny stuff which will become covers of books and some gorgeous suede type sticky back stuff which will also become covers for mini books and by then they said they were closing for prayers!! :(

Hmmm, not quite the sort of place I would want to live... or even walk about alone in!!
Yay... look - they have an internet cafe!!
You get no points for identifying this place... but it was closed... it is Friday!
And nil points for identifying this place either... which was open... but you had to cross 6 lanes of traffic to get to it and I think I mentioned the driving....
So here is my haul... lovely lace, ribbons, even a ribbon with arabic on it!!
and these hearts... aren't they gorgeous? I can just see them dangling off the spine of a mini book...
So that Al Khobar... Chris says he will take me back there again before Christmas.... geee, I can't wait!! I think we will try Dammam next time... I hear they have a Marks and Sparks and BHS!!


  1. Lovely stash Annette, you got a good haul there for such a short stash dash lol

    Toni :o)

  2. Love the ribbon Annette, especially the one with arabic writing.

  3. Fabulous stash Annette - those hearts are simply beautiful X I wonder what the writing on the ribbon says????

  4. Gorgeous stash, those ribbons are lovley

  5. Lovely stash. Love those hearts. See what you can do when you put your mind to it.

  6. Lovin' those heart and yes they would look very nice handing from a mini book.

  7. Love your descriptions of life over there & great pics too!

  8. I love the stash - I bet they have great ribbons and fabrics in fantastic colours.

    Vron xx

  9. Hi
    Just found your Blog, and was so shocked to see you mention AlKhobar and Al-Zamil store. I stayed in AlKhobar between 2000 and 2003, and my hubby used to take me to Al Zamils for quilting supplies. Such a small world !!! Enjoy your time there.


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