Thursday, 25 November 2010

Another Cupcake...

It is slow going but I have finished another one... went for a wintery theme with snowflakes this time!! 
Everyone will be pleased to know that overnight the temperatures have risen from sub zero silly numbers to a pleasant PLUS 4 degrees today!!  I think I like the Chinook and will even put up with the thumping headache that comes with it.... locals say some people get migraines and headaches when the Chinook blows in and it appears I am in the lucky numbers that get them!  The snow is melting and I am avoiding standing in the eves of the house in case the lot falls off the roof and I end up doing a bad impression of a snowman!!
Poor Chris... spotted the cupcake on yesterdays post and went off to the kitchen to search for the batch that I had obviously cooked up whilst he was at work.... :(  had to explain they were paper...!!
and another one to join the chocolate ones... 
and I got my cupcake stand out of the cupboard...
only another 9 to go..... good grief, I am insane....


  1. Really cute cupcakes!

    Is the headache due to the changing pressure? A friend swears opening a window a crack at teh front and back of the house really helps get rid of the weather 'pressure'headaches.

  2. Sorry to hear the weather changes are giving you headaches Annette - sending (((hugs)))

    Another fab cake - poor Chris but at least you now know how good they look LOL

    Toni :o)

  3. Love the cupcakes - really made me laugh about Chris looking for them - thanks for sharing ~127

  4. Chris wasn't the only one fooled - I thought they looked yummy and delicious :( Brilliant idea. Elizabeth

  5. I hate to admit this, but when this popped up on my sidebar, I thought you must be baking desserts. My mind was focused on food from Thanksgiving, and gave it little thought. When I got here, I saw the first photo and thought what wonderful cupcakes these were. Then I read and began to REALLY look at them. They are SO realistic, they had me fooled. They may be taking you a long time, but they are worth it. They are AWESOME.

    Sounds like you are in the throes of a heat wave! Sorry to hear about the Chinook causing your headache. I think it's because you lift that pinkie finger in the air when drinking your tea and the Chinook wind diverts to your head (grin).

  6. Yummy! More cupcakes! I can't believe how awesome these are!
    And your cupcake stand is really cute too! I can't wait to see all 12 together! 12 !!!! Wow, that is all I am going to say! Wow !!

  7. You know Annette, they DO look real! Good thing Chris didn't bite into one... I'm not sure you would have liked that.

  8. Wonderful calorie free cupcakes! what a fab job.
    Chris xo

  9. omg wow these are awesome :D i want one! hehe. i followed your blog, and from that i hope you look at mine to :) altho its all about nails! lol.
    lots of love neko x x

  10. wonderful! that is funny that Chris was looking for them! but they do look yummy!


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