Monday, 8 November 2010

Christmas Cards

I had a great day on Wednesday with Brigette and Odelia making Christmas cards... I have to admit they made heaps more than I did.... I think I spent too much time faffing about and chatting!! It was lovely and at least I have made a start...
This is my black and silver version... I think its quite sophicated really!! ;)
Another of the tag pocket version but using lovely My Minds Eye Christmas papers. 
Oh and when I downloaded the cards I found these on the camera... here is Fred the Dead in my front garden for Halloween!
The big tombstone had flashing red eyes and don't you like the spiders on poor Fred's head? Oddly, it was all the Dad's that brought their kids trick or treating that loved Fred...
My Mum is coming to stay in a few weeks - so we ordered her a new bed and mattress and it arrived on Friday and is now all made up and ready for her... though I think another little lady has already staked her claim to it....
Hope Mum doesn't mind sharing....


  1. Beautiful cards Annette.

    Love the bedding you have chosen - great colours.

    Toni :o)

  2. Beautiful cards - the colour combo is really sophisticated - not so sure about Fred the Dead, ugh:) Love the bedding and so typical of a cat to bag the best bed!! Elizabeth

  3. so love the cards,they are really beautiful,love the bedding,see the cat loves it too love cheryl xxx

  4. Gorgeous creations Annette.. you know what they say... puddytats always find the warmest and comfiest places to sleep.. so me guessing the bed is as cosy as it looks! Hugs hun xx

  5. I really LOVE that black and white card. It has the same sophistication I associate with you. It's often hard to be the host and get much accomplished artwise, but these two pieces are lovely and so very detailed.

    Fred is so funny!! And you did a super job of putting him "together." Love how green your grass still is. Amazing that it is November and you still have green grass!

    Your mom is going to feel like a queen. Lovely new bed and bedspread. And I'm sure your mom won't mind sharing, at least if she's not allergic to cats. My guests have to share rocking horses, which are much harder to keep clean.

    Please don't vote me off the island (or whatever it is they do). I've been so busy I've not been to ANY of my favorite blogs in days. Just had to stop by before I was out the door. Have a super day and see you tomorrow.

  6. I love these Christmas cards, they are so different from the usual stuff. Very beautiful!


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