Saturday, 20 November 2010

Time ATC's

Last night I sat and made a little box for my printer's tray type house thing... so now there is something in the attic!!
 and while I had all these little squares of chipboard all over my desk I thought I may as well make some tags to hang from the roof...
and I think I got a better pic of the sewing square this morning when it was light...
hmmmm, maybe not! LOL
As it is -20 degrees outside and Chris had to go into work this morning because they have a panic on... I thought I would sit in the scrap room with a mug of hot chocolate and use up a few more bits of the chipboard offcuts so I made some Time themed ATCs and added some of the left over bits from the tray!!
They look a little washed out in this photo... they are a much richer colour and have a lovely Glimmer mist glint to them in real life.... poop! :(   A photographer I am not... I will try and get a better photo or nobody will want to swap with me!! LOL


  1. oh i think they will want to swop, its all beautiful x sue x

  2. I'm glad that there's something in the attic now :-). I love how you quickly create something else because you just had the stuff lying out there! You are such a creative person - could you share some of your creativity?

  3. The tray additions are wonderful.

    Can I have some of your hot choc - forgot to get some today - yours looks really scrummy.

    The ATCs look really good - I not brill at taking photos but yours always look fine.

    Toni :o)

  4. some fabulous work there :) Love the idea of a hot choc

  5. Oh goodness, all your photos look so pretty - including the hot chocolate! :lol:

    I'm no great photographer either (and the poor winter light doesn't help atm) and it's frustrating when the photo doesn't pick up the full prettiness of an item but honestly, if your work doesn't look its best in these photos then it must be *stunning* in real life!! :)

    (I'd certainly love to swap for one of those yummy ATCS!)

    The little glimpses of your painter's try type house are just incredible.. so lush and detailed and vibrant! I love the art deco style of the tag hanging from the roof. :)


  6. Oh I love your printers tray, I've wanted to alter one for ages.

  7. These ATCs are gorgeous. I would offer to trade with you, but I don't begin to reach the caliber of your art. And the little box in the attic will soon fill with more goodies and love. Of course, I'm totally in love with your tags, too. You should have one that looks like a luggage tag after all the moving you do.

    BTW, I took your advice on the tea, but can't seem to get my finger that high in the air.

  8. OMG, Annette. I love MINE. I'll send you an e-mail shortly! Thank you, thank you!


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