Friday, 19 November 2010

Printer's Tray.... sort of....

The lady in my local scrap shop must have looked at all the stuff in my basket and fingered out I might be the sort of person who would find one of the 7Gypsy and Ranger's Configuration trays of interest as she took me along the aisles and showed me them... I declined to purchase one as they aren't cheap!!   But... I still liked the idea so I got my sheets of chipboard out and started cutting it up!!
Once the construction side of it was completed the fun bit began and I stuffed it full of all sorts of bits and pieces that represent home to me.
Well, there had to be a putty cat in there somewhere, didn't there?
I am a big romantic at heart...
the locks and keys that keep us safe...
the importance of my family...
my growing collection of birdcages...

my love of jewelry and beautiful things...
My crafts... sort of figured the sewing theme looked better than a mini scrap shop!! ;)
And yes, I know there is nothing in the attic... I am sort of working on the idea of a heap of boxes and trunks to go up there... which would represent all the boxes of stuff sitting unpacked in my home in Scotland from all our trips!!  
Speaking of birdcages... when I was out shopping the other day I saw these lovely little feather birds that you can clip on your Christmas tree... well, I have big brown bears on my tree this year but I picked one up to sit on the top of my latest bird cage which sits with the other on the long shelf on the third floor of the house.  Pandora was the first one to find it clipped onto the cage and promptly attacked it.... so to save it, I put it inside the cage where it sat safely for a couple of days... until yesterday....
Hmmm, so how do we get in there?
Ok... you put your paw in that side and I'll reach in from here....
You pat it over to here.... where my mouth is...
I've got it!!  I've got it!  Darn thing won't fit through the bars....
I found the tail feathers when I woke up this morning... RIP little birdie.... LOL


  1. Gorgeous Annette and those cats look like wee rascals!!!

  2. Fab tray, well done for making your own :) Love the pics of the cats, can just imagine their little minds whirring around trying to figure the puzzle

  3. Your bird cages are going to compete with your masks, at this rate LOL

    The tray is beautiful - so much interest and so many things to see.

    Oh your naught pud-tat looks so funny trying to work out how to get at tweetie...

    Toni :o)

  4. oh my that poor little birdie!!! lol
    love your tray of've excelled yourself this time :0)

  5. The tray is fabulous, how cool that you crafted it yourself and passed on the expensive ones! Very creative.

  6. oh wow this is just amazing the detail you have put into each segmant is just brilliant and as for your cats oh how naughty,bless them trying to work it out amazing photos hun hugs cherylxxx

  7. That tray must have loads of memories filled as it is with your bits and pieces, what a good idea. Love the photos of your cat!

  8. You are a chipboard engineer!!! Your house rivals anything that Ranger could offer. I have not seen those trays, but if it has Ranger or 7Gypies in the name, the price is usually twice what I would pay. I remember seeing twill tape with a word on it (I think it was "dream") from 7Gypsies and it was over $3.00/yard at our local scrappy place. I about had a heart attack.

    I got such a laugh out of those cats. I also got a laugh out of you. You took it all in stride. RIP, little birdie. And to think they would do it while you were snapping their pictures.

    I had no idea you collected bird cages. I bet you own that TH birdcage die!

    Enjoy your weekend and give that poor bird a proper burial. Now you know why I only have ONE cat!!

  9. i love it :)it's very beautiful!

  10. First of all.. WOW, your tray is utterly beautiful and I am loving all those ickle things inside... and second of all... AWWWWWW, your little furry purry's are just soooo cute... I love that look that puddytats get when they are up to no good... see that plenty of times on my AlfieCat LOL Have a fab weekend hun xx

  11. That really is very beautiful and clever.......and cats will be cats :-)

  12. Very impressive. To think it was made from scratch is an achievement in itself, then you show all the fantastic details inside. WOW!!!!!! Love it! Sue x

  13. Absolutely stunning Annette and love the way you have made it so personal. In our house we have learnt that we cannot have ANYTHING with feathers on it with our cats! Even my DD has learnt not to fall for anything with them on.

  14. Love your 'tray'...brilliant creation .... had to giggle at the antics of the cats.

  15. Love the birdcage & cat photos lol !
    So funny cat is after a fake bird.
    Great printers tray project too :)

  16. Sat here chuckling away at those moggies. I love that look of concentration they get.

    The house is amazing - I've seen the price of the shop ones which is why I also don't have one. Yours is amazing and gorgeous.

  17. Wow, what an amazing creation, looks better than the shop bought ones IMO. Love all the little bits and pieces inside. Poor little birdie, cats are incredibly fun to observe aren't they? See you tomorrow no doubt!


  18. Love how your faux printers tray turned out.

    Hope it wasnt too hard to construct, my own turned into a real labour of love when i did it a few months back.

  19. I love love LOVE this "tray", and am particularly fond of the section that feature the "locks and keys" that keep us safe. I am a lover of locks and keys as well and think you might like to look at my site:

    If you want to participate, I can send you FREE supplies to create your own piece. Would love to have you be a part of this public art project.



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