Wednesday, 17 November 2010

What's on Your Work Desk 17th November 2010

It Wednesday again!  Actually it's still Tuesday night to me here in frozen Calgary but my desk will look like this till tomorrow morning - when I start shovelling the snow out of the driveway again... yep, we got hit with about 8 inches last night and all day and it is still falling! It's a wee bit nippy outside too, about -9 degrees at the  moment so goodness knows what it will fall to whilst I sleep.
But, you aren't here for the weather report - hopefully you are here to check out what is on my desk.... and if you are wondering what I am talking about, check out Julia's blog for the background and list of fellow WOYWWers!
So this is what is on my desk at the moment... I have looked at the Rangers and 7Gypsy printer tray type thingies and love the look of them so I thought I would have a go at making my own out of chipboard.  
On the corner is a bunch of stuff I have gathered together to put in and on the tray, lovely lace, some gorgeous flowers and a plastic tub full of fun stuff.
here you can see some odd bits, the bird cage and watch bits, some steam punk cogs etc.
Oh and just in case you were here last week and asked for a photo of the Coach bag... here it is!
and this is the view from the front of my house... looking very wintry!
This is from the deck out the back of the house...
and this is a photo looking down onto the basement scraproom window - so I am hoping it doesn't get too deep and cover it up! 


  1. I was going to say something very crude about having 8 inches at night but cos I am a *ahem* lady, I shalln't ROFL LOVE your pot of goodies Annette, I wanna come and delve into that cos it looks like my kinda goody pot :O)) The snow looks wonderful, I LOVE snow - don't envy you the clearing of it though.. mind your back hun, shovelling snow can cause all manner of damage to those discs and stuff. Loving the idea of making your own Printers Tray - can't wait to see the results! BTW, for anyone else following today... I have a VERY special something on my desk that came from Annette's very talented fair hand :O)) Hugs hun xx

    PS Alfie says he luvs ya!! x

  2. You are early. Guess I will be watching for Julia's post, but mine isn't set to post till midnight my time. I'll be back after mine posts. I want to see more snow shots! And Bleubeard sends his love for all your caring.

  3. OK, I'm back. You sound very frugal in making your own printer tray. I bet you will do it, too. I've seen some of the things you make and "paper engineer."

    I'm confused about your house. Your back deck seems to have a better view than the front. The front looks like it opens onto other back yards and storage units. I saw your house when you bought it (sans snow), so I know what the front looks like. But I'm easily confused, I guess.

    Stay warm and hug your fur babies. I sure hope Chris doesn't have far to go to work. I can't believe you traded sand for snow in the course of the year I've "known" you. But I suspect you, like me, are no stranger to snow. I'm rambling, so it's time to hit the hay.

  4. oh my gosh! I LOVE snow, can I come and play please! lol Absolutely adore what is in your pot of goodies.. cannot find one of those birdcages anywhere, so chould hunt them out on line I guess.
    Hope it doesn't snow too much for you
    Thanks for showing
    Happy Woywwing!

  5. Fabulous photos today... Looks like a 'stay in and craft' kinda day to me. What lovely things you have to play with too!
    Have a great day and take care shovelling that snow!

  6. No kidding that is looking "wintry" but how much better to craft with my pretty!

    Just dream of those shopping days and that coach bag! The sun will be shining again before too awfully long and just think what you'll be able to accomplish in that craft space between here and there!

    Looks like you have enough supplies to last you through the winter right?

  7. oooh look at all that snow. How great is that. We still have about 20oC here and a little rain. hoping for snow in scotland cos we never get any on the Aegean coast.
    not done the printer tray before but it looks like you have lots of lovely things to fill it with. caroline #13

  8. Hi ya
    wow 8inc snow, we get couple inches maybe n everything grinds to a halt! lol, lovely goodies on your desk, gorgeous bag, luv the snow piccies, keep warm, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(29)

  9. Oh snow - it looks lovely - although I don't envy the clearing your drive element! Loving the steampunk cogs - could seriously have done with them a few weeks ago when I was doing a CJ on Time - ended up dismantling charity shop finds to discover that new clocks have plastic parts grrr!

    Hope you're having a great Wednesday!

  10. Morning great tidy desk I do love your, wow look at the snow you have just fab! Jo x (35)

  11. lots of lovely stuff today, have a great wednesday

  12. Gosh, what a difference to the weather you were experiencing just a few months ago - looks like your boots & coat will get well used.

    Can't wait to see your printers tray especially with all those goodies that you have lined up for decoration.

    Toni :o)

  13. my DH would just love to be at your house right now - he loves snow

  14. Oh wow it does look cold bbbrrr!!
    FAB to see your view, I have always had a fascination of where people live...or should I say nosey lol
    Thanks for showing us

    LOVE all those embellies DELISH!

    happy WOYWW
    mandi x

  15. Wow, what a post! I love your snow shots - though don't envy you all that snow in November. Good luck making your printers tray, can't wait to see the finished article - I know it will be fantastic. Love the goodies you've got lined up for it.

  16. Brrrrr that looks cold. Love the backet full of goodies on your desk today. Have fun playing.
    A x

  17. Ohooo it does look cold, luckily when and if we get snow, it'll never that deep...touch wood all your trinkets, I could rummage all day! Have a happy WOYWW!!
    (((Lyn))) #42

  18. oh wow loving that pot with all those goodies,in oh my kind of things,would love to have a rumage through those,loveing the pictures of the snow too ,hugs cheryl 62 xxx

  19. I do like your little pots of metal goodies and the flowers are beautiful. did you make them? the snow is unbelievable... I just posted a photo of the beach! Can you tell that I am on the opposite side of the world.

  20. Such gorgeous goodies waiting to be used on your desk. The snow looks lovely but I don't want to see any here for a few more months. Today is wild, wet and windy!

  21. ACK on the snow! Hope the shoveling isn't too bad, but have to admit the pictures are lovely and tranquil. GREAT idea in progress on your workdesk. Yummy bling stashes! Looking forward to more on this one.

  22. Oh snow looks lovely - cannot wait to see you finished printer tray - lovely workdesk

  23. Fab desk and love the trinkets!

    Cathy xx

  24. I love that you are creating your very own printer's tray. As a matter of fact, I love this whole post today. Thanks for sharing photos of the snow. I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, so I know all about that kind of snow. However, I live in Southern California now and only see it when I look to the East to the mountains! *smiles*

    The lace. . . the flowers . . . the cogs . . . all things that would feel right at home here in Lake Forest, CA *hee hee*

    Stop by and check out my WOYWW between projects - I'm #118

  25. Wow!! I live in Brazil, so all that snow looks like something from an American Christmas storybook! Sooo beautiful!!

    I loooove all the treasures you've got on that tray!! Your desk is very organized, by the way!

    Thank you for visiting!


    Sandra #103

  26. Well, we didnt get 8 inchies last night (haha) and hope we dont anytime soon!
    Weather in the UK is cold and drizzly and frey - not much change from August really!

  27. LOVELY stuff on your desk!! I hope you show us what you create when you're done, it looks intrgiguing. And all that snow... I hope the -9 are celsius and not fahrenheit... Well, the snow could cover up some of your window... that will be beyond shoveling though. Time then to sit by the fire with some hot cocoa and a good book!

  28. Good luck making your printers tray. The bits and bobs on the side are so pretty.
    Stay warm and keep safe with all that snow.

    Have a fab week...A.xx(2)

    P.S. I love your Christmas tree in your previous post.x

  29. It is truly difficult to visit everyone's desk, so if I didn't get to you last week, here I am now! :-) We are getting snow the end of this week. BooooHooo! Thanks for sharing your desk. Happy WOYWW!

  30. What a lovely tidy desk you have but some very interesting looking items on there. Love the looks of the goodies in the little bowl. Stay safe with all that snow. Thanks for sharing your workspace with us. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 34)

  31. Hi Annette, love your photos! Love snow too, but don't envy you having to clear it! Can't wait to see your Printers Tray........I'm sure it'll be stunning. S #16

  32. Really interesting desk - I have no idea what the tray thingies are so can't wait to see the finished project. Love all your stuff, all those lovely trinkets:) The snow scenes are lovely - my DH hates snow but I love it because it makes the world look so clean and serene. Regards, Elizabeth #113

  33. thats a lot of snow in one day hope it doesn't get too bad.

  34. i am so in love with all those charms and metal embellisment..mind if share where can you get those yummy stuffS?


  35. I want to dive straight into that pot of goodies and have a right good snoop about!

  36. wow, that is a lot of snow! my kids (or i guess they are too old to be called kids) would love to visit you. but at -9 degrees, i would be frozen! that tub of odd bits, with the bird cage and watch bits and cogs, looks like TREASURE to me! i love the look of those things! i look forward to see what you'll come up with.
    happy WOYWW from #20!

  37. Great idea to make your own printer tray! I can't wait to see the finished product with all the lovely bits you have at the ready!
    Have fun in the snow! My sister lives in Calgary so I know how much it snows there! Good thing you have your crafts to keep you indoors and warm :)
    Happy WOYWW!

  38. Love all the wonderful makes over the last few posts, you're very brave making a printers tray! Love the little piles of embellies for it. So, how are you liking the snow? Loving it, hating it or, as I would imagine, the novelty factor hasn't worn off yet?? Get a snow blower!!

    Brenda 92

  39. Lovely crafting weather. What a beautiful collection of things you have there for your new project.


  40. Gorgeous tray and loving the birdcages and all the little bits n pieces too, hope you are settled in well by now too


    Lisa #38

  41. Oooh snow! It is 32 degrees celsius where I live and we are headed for more of the same tomorrow. Roll on Summer in Australia! Thanks for sharing.
    Susan xxox #17


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