Wednesday, 24 November 2010

WOYWW 24th November 2010

The weeks are whizzing by at such a speed... just think, in a month it will be Christmas Eve!!  Yikes... so much still to do... so little time!! But, here we are at Wednesday again and its time to have a good old snoop about the ever lengthening list of co-woyww-ers!  You will find the full list at the desk of our esteemed leader, Julia, over at the Stamping Ground.
So this is my desk at the moment... I am going to try and make some of those paper cupcakes that hold a gift card... I have the start of them.... we can but wait and see how successful the rest of it will be!!  LOL At the back are a couple of Christmas ATC's I am working on.  So much for finishing one thing before beginning another eh?
On my other desk there is a pile of stuff all awaiting my attention... more trees to make and a new magazine to read, and whilst in Michaels I found a tub of $1.50 stamps.... so how could I resist??
The last couple of days have been the coldest I have known in my lifetime... jeepers it is cold when it gets to be -28 and when you take the wind chill into account it feels more like -35!!  I shovelled snow off the driveway in record time yesterday.  I am reliably informed that it should start to warm up in the next couple of days... yahoo to that!! I have now figured out why some houses around here sport their Christmas lights all year... who the heck wants to climb about on ladders in this weather just to put lights up.... much easier to leave them up and not have to worry about them.  LOL

My two little Saudi cats are feeling the cold too... they sleep with their noses tucked into their tails... and that is indoors with the temp about 20 degrees... they have no idea what its like outside!! Neither of them has actually gone out in the snow but I can imagine what they would be thinking if they did...


  1. Funny furbaby pics! Can't wait to see more of your cupcake project!

  2. Very interesting project on your desk. Have fun! #30

  3. Looking forward to seeing your finished makes :0)
    OMG i lol at those cats...we are expecting wintry showers so dont think my cats will be out at all.
    Kate x

  4. Interesting WIP... can't imagine just how cold it must be outside! Eeek! 7C is bad enough for us and we dread another Winter like last with so much snow.
    Such a chuckle seeing those pics of the cats too.
    Stay warm!
    JoZarty x

  5. Awwwwwww, those ickle piccies... the look on the first one's face is a picture LOL Not envying you that cold hun, tis a good excuse to stay inside and play though... am intrigued with the cupcakes... can't wait to see what you make! x

  6. ROFL - those cat pics are too funny.

    I look forward to seeing what you do with those paper cupcake gift card thingys.....

  7. So much on the go Annette, you do keep busy! Best not to look out of the window too much, just pretend to be a bear and hibernate! Although I find I get to about February and cabin fever really kicks in! Hilarious kitty photos and I love that $1 bin at Michaels!

    Brenda 91

  8. Hi ya
    oh can't wait to see your cupcakes, oh your pics are funny, luv the kitty, so funny, thanks for that,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (16)

  9. Had a very good laugh at the cat pics. Glad it's not YOUR cats doing the talking. You have a lot going on today. I can't wait ti see the cupcakes. I have no idea, but am envisioning what's going o from the materials you have shown. BTW, I love those stamps. Wish they were in OUR Michaels. Glad you were finally able to load your photos. Blogger is something else when it wants to be. Happy WOYWW (#8)

  10. Oh I just love those pusscat piccies. You travel a lot don't you. How lucky?? (13)

  11. And I thought it was cold here, maybe Iwon't come to visit you in Canada. Lol at the kitties.
    C (74)

  12. I wonder what the cupcake giftcard holders look like when they're finished. And you are a busy lady, wow!
    Love those pictures of the cats! Hilarious!

  13. Gosh & I think it's cold with it hovering around the 0 deg C LOL

    Want to see what your cupcake thingies look like...

    Toni :o)

  14. Holy moly! -28?!!!

    Lovely busy looking desk though and I am loving your bargain stamps! :)

    Ali #87

  15. I love those kitty pics, how funny! Hope you warm up soon (and don't send it all this way, thanks very much!!)Can't wait to see your finished pieces.

  16. Look forward to seeing what you do with the cupcakes.
    A x

  17. Oh that sort of cold is just wrong! And do they really say 'eh'? I thought that was an urban myth! Your cupcake btw is a triumph, I do admire how you get on and get stuff done!

  18. Are you in Canada at the mo? One of my sisters lives there, couldn't believe it when she was telling us how cold it was one year, they all wear those all in one ski suits pretty much all winter she was saying.

    Your desk looks very interesting - I saw the post above, I'm sure I saw a tut of one of those cupcakes somewhere I'll see if I can find it for you.

    Carmen #101

  19. AWWW poor little kitties must be a shock to the system!!! Have to say a cat I had last winter LOVED the snow and played with DD in it - just a shame an idiot had to go and run her down and kill her cause they had such fun. Anyway wish we had a Michaels over here - anything you can do to convince them it is worth coming over the pond Annette????

  20. I am late getting here and saw the finished cupcake holder already finished. It is the best thing EVER!
    I hope it warms up for you in the next couple of days!
    xoxo Karen #82

  21. I am somewhere between yum and brrr at the moment. Those cupcakes are fabulous. When I first opened up your blog, I was so ready to tuck in. Fantastic.

    And your chilly cat photos are great. Our cats only saw snow once, and came in, yowling at full Burmese volume to express their total displeasure before putting their cold paws all over me to warm up. Lovely!

    Bernie #11

  22. Your cats look so cute - and a bit cold!!!
    You have a very busy desk.
    Deborah #103

  23. Well you have got a busy desk here with lots of nice things to use. Thanks for sharing your workspace with us. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 42)


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