Friday, 12 November 2010

Oh Christmas Tree and Table...

So I thought I would make some coaster and placemats for the table to go with my centre piece, the tree!
I think it will look great Christmas breakfast or high tea?
Here is a better photo of the tree now it is daylight! 
A close-up of the tree...

It all matches the little china Christmas dishes Chris bought me last weekend!
Don't you just love those little snowmen... so cute!
Looks like someone else is taking an interest in the Christmas table....
and even bigger interest in the Jelly Beans!!  Think I may have to eat those and put fresh ones out for the guests.... 
I have also just finished making some napkin rings with a little section to hold a candy cane!
Made little chipboard Christmas trees to attach to the top of the napkin ring to finish them off.
So now I have a question... I have a lovely retired couple living next door to me, they have been so kind since we bought the house and moved in, keeping me right on garbage collection days, who to get to clean the furnace and air ducts, etc and I wondered if it would be an ok gift to make them a set of these for their Christmas breakfast table?  What do you think?  


  1. It looks lovely Annette...everything goes so well together.

    It looked like your fur-baby was about to nab the candy cane LOL

    Toni :o)

  2. Annette it would be wonderful for you to make them a set!! Really lovely to have such nice neighbours so good to show your appreciation. Nice to see that Pandora is settling in well too!

  3. These are amazing. Well done.

    Definitely make them a set. They're bound to love them xx

  4. Love the Christmas tree :)

  5. A wonderful idea. Love it all and the fur baby. Great idea for the cane on the napkin ring

  6. I'm sure your neighbours would love a set - I know I would! Good to see I'm not the only one with a cat with unusual taste in food, mine was eating curry last night :S

  7. I love it all and a gorgeous kitty having a nibble before xmas.

  8. I decorate my home with nothing but trees each year (and the rocking horses which seem to move about as Christmas draws closer), so I am in love with the tree and your tablescape. Of course, I'm not sure if Pandora is helping or hindering. Helping if you want to eat the jelly beans, hindering if you have the table set for company.

    Annette, ANY hand made gift is always thoughtful. And if you wanted to make it even more special, you could make the set reversible using their kitchen colors/decor for the opposite side. Then include matching napkin rings for the everyday side and they will think of you every time they sit at their kitchen table, not just on Christmas day!

  9. Such a good idea to carry on and dec the table to match - even the cat approves.

  10. i think that would be a lovely gift...and thanks for the inspiration as i've just been asked to make all that stuff to decorate my family's table :0)

  11. oh Annette I LOVE LOVE LOVE your paper tree. It is awesome. x

  12. I was here earlier, but forgot to tell you how much I love your table. And to answer a few of your questions: Old Cowtown is a museum in Wichita, where I live. In fact, it's only about two miles from my house. As for whether the gal who receives the book will use it or not, I somehow doubt she will. But if I'm lucky, she will. Like you, I often see people don't use the books I make for them. But, once they are out the door, they don't belong to me, since I have given them freely. It's the thought, I guess. Seems like there was something else, but I have now forgotten it.


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