Monday, 7 January 2013

A Map for My Book of Secrets

I decided that practice is a good thing so have had another go at the techniques from Andy's class.  

I decided to make a little folder to go inside the 'secret' drawer of the book box.

and here it is tucked away quite nicely!  It opens up to reveal a treasure map...

a very olde worlde well creased treasure map!


  1. I suspect you are the star pupil. This map book is wonderful. I really like how you used the same technique to get the same look between the two pieces. And echoing the metal embellishments is genius!! You really ARE the Queen of Embellishments.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this. The book box is genius and the decor you have added is incredible.

  3. ~Envy~ plain and simple. You are so clever

  4. Oh how fab is it.
    A x

  5. This is absolutely stunning Annette, love it.
    C xx

  6. Oh Annette that's fabulous I still have mine to finish!

  7. Wow, fandabbydozy - love it Annette.

    Toni xx


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