Saturday, 19 January 2013

A Raggedy Quilt

A raggedy quilt
Jo of Jozarty mentioned on WOYWW last week that perhaps people would like to make a quilt for a charity that gives them to people with sick babies in hospital.  I said I would give it a go but my sewing skills are pretty limited and my sewing machine even more so!  Parents with babies in hospital will get me every time, I experienced it first hand when my son was born with congenital glaucoma and had to have operations on both his eyes at 10 days old to relieve the pressure in his eyes and save his sight... oh my, it's the scariest thing in the whole world to have to endure... signing the papers to give the surgeon permission to do whatever he feels is necessary without coming back to discuss it with you because they are so tiny and they don't want to put them through another anaesthetic.  I will never forget the look on the face of a young Mum who was in with her little girl, a toddler, who had her daughter returned with one of  her eyes removed because of a tumour... it haunts dark parts of my mind late at night even 25 years later.  So a quilting I would go!! :)
So this morning I did a search for 'quilts for numpties' and came across raggedy quilts!!  Oooh, they look fab and cosy and loved and easy-ish!!  I found the batting and material and set to work... 3 Youtube videos later I had a little pile of squares and batting. I don't have any of the quilting tools like rulers and templates so I made the squares nice and big! ;)
and arranged and re-arranged them into a pattern...
and pinned and sewed... all morning... and through lunch....pinned and sewed...
and then I sat for two hours and snipped all the seams.... snip...snip... snip!
and then I gave it a cool wash and tumbled dried it and it went all raggedy just like it should! 
It isn't perfect... it isn't an amazing work of art... but it was made with love and I think it shows.


  1. what a lovely idea! and the quilt IS beautiful! (the love shows!)

  2. That is really beautiful. As a retired, professional quilter I think that is a perfect quilt. Someone is going to be delighted with that and the love that is held in every stitch will bring comfort to stressed and troubled hearts.

  3. Annette, that is so beautiful - clever you. Fabulous warm snuggly colours. It will be loved by whoever receives it.

    Toni xx

  4. That is truly gorgeous Annette and well done you....I haven't started mine yet.
    A x

  5. Beautiful! I think it is a work of art.

  6. TY TY TY!!! It's fabulous ....That is just wonderful and it's the first one finished! My first one is almost there and I am going to make a blog to document them separately to my main blog.. .but I haven't a clue as to what to do ... having a go today. Hold on to it until I've got organisedYou have the options to send it to me to go to CHICs charity who will give it to a child with cancer but if you don't want to pay postage, which I can understand, then it will still go on the blog and be part of LillyBo Quilts but you can find a similar charity and donate it to them. Please just mention LillyBo and the reason they are being made around the world.
    Be in touch soon...
    Jo x

  7. Wow - that is totally gorgeous!! The colour combo does it for me. I am going to make one once I get my act together!! x Jo

  8. Gorgeous I love the colours too. And you are very clever, I can't sew at all, despite having 2 modern sewing machines and an antique Singer in the house!

  9. awesome raggedy quilt...I think you are shows a lot of love! Beautiful colors and I think you don't give yourself enough credit! Vickie

  10. Oh Annette that's simply beautiful and yes you can tell it was made with love!

  11. hey.... maybe I could even make one of these...I love the look of them... must have a look at some videos...

  12. Annette, if someone had given me that a year ago when we were in all winter with toots, I think I would have cried. (in a good way)
    It truly is made with love, and i have no doubt that it will be received with love too. you have experienced being in hospital with your child, so i know that you understand that small kindnesses mean a lot to the children and their parents. I think your quilt is amazing. might have a look at those videos and give it a try myself.

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    thanks for stopping by my blog today.
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    i started getting these very bizzar comments and spam, so i had to go back to word verification. i know it's a pain, but i don't know what else to do to keep the 'spammers' away. any suggestions? my e addresss is trebeca 04 at yahoo dot com no spaces add the @ and the .


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