Wednesday, 2 January 2013

WOYWW - 187

OK... definitely caught on the hop... because I truly had no idea it was Wednesday when I got out of bed this morning!!  LOL... I can't even say I thought it another day as I seem to have lost track and had no idea!
So I grabbed the camera and took a pic o fmy work desk... there is a jigsaw on it, I am at that calming stage of filing all the edges of the pieces so that it fits back together - or hope it will!!
Toward the back is a paintbrush that is firmly glued to the yellow pot that held glue... yep, I forgot to go wash the brush after glueing something so I guess that is going to be a bin job.
Toward the back is an idea for a mini book... it was some advertising thingy that arrived on my doormat a while back and I think a mini containing all the well-used phrases we tend to say in excuse for not doing something... its a New Year thing and as near to making resolutions that I get!!

I did make one suggestion to myself (not a resolution as such) which is to find time to craft... I am a nicer person when I am making stuff, and even though I should be doing other things, it is better for me to 'waste' a little time with crafting than be depressed about not crafting!!

If you are wondering why I am showing you my work desk... you had better trip on over to Julia's and find out and whilst there you will find a list of talented people who will be showing you their latest craftiness.


  1. what a lovely, busy desk! i think most of us are better people if we make time to make things :)
    wishing you all good things in 2013 and happy WOYWW :o)
    no. 14

  2. I think it may take us all a week just to realise what day of the week it is hehehe
    A very Happy New Year to you and yours.
    A x #26

  3. great looking desk! I am with you on resolutions for this all has to do with more arts and crafts! Hope you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year! I look forward to seeing your posts in 2013! Vickie #17

  4. Liking your suggestion rather than a resolution. I hope you do find more time to craft, it really does soothe the soul. Wishing you a very Happy New Year and that 2013 is a really good one for you. Anne x #7

  5. I am on Monday again! I too am a nicer person to be around when I have been creating. Try boiling water on that glued brush before you throw it can be resuscitated sometimes...

  6. Time spent crafting is never wasted! there are people who still live because I pent time crafting. They would have been scorched to dust if I hadn't!

  7. Just popping in to say Hi. Hope the coming year is a good, creative and blessed one for you! Crafting is definitely important, keeps us nice AND sane!
    Neil #36

  8. Oh dear, another one who does not know what day it is. Heart-warming to now I am not alone with this malady.
    Love your busy desk with glue pot - I now use cocktail or satay sticks as my brushes suffered the fate of yours.
    Looking forward to the mini book - I so love your books.
    Happy New Year, hope it is a good one and the cats are ok with the new move.
    Hugs, Neet xx 12

  9. ah Annette that forgetfulness is frustrating isn't it when it results in wastefulness and dont think you were on your own on not knowing what day it is...Thanks so much for popping over. Happy New Year and WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #20

  10. Ohio with you.. I now do tasks and reward myself with desk time...not enough, but at least some every day helps. Definitely makes me a nicer person....and the pills....
    Lost count of the number of pots and brushes that are forever bonded by my forgetfulness, so nice to se it on a professional desk too!

  11. Great creative desk! Happy New Year to you and yours!
    Glenda #43

  12. I am so glad someone else doesn't know what day it is, I thought it was just me, lol.Loved having a peek at all the goodies on the shelves, Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #41 xx

  13. Yes, much as I love time off over Christmas, you never know what day it is - thank goodness it IS Wednesday as that means, first day back at work and only 2 more after today before another weekend!!!! happy new year, hope to see the finished jigsaw next week! Helen, 4

  14. I'm all discombobulated too! But I'm back at work today so no doubt I'll get in the swing of things quickly. Although it feels like Monday today so before I know what's happening it'll be the weekend again!! Definitely good to get a little play time in each day, especially as you've got such upheaval coming your way again soon!

    Have a great 2013.
    Brenda 73

  15. I've enjopyed visiting your desk today - a super post. Yep, I had no idea it was Wednesday, either! Happy Wednesday and a Happy New Year, too. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@67)

  16. Love your busy desk and so pleased that I am not the only one who leave brushes in glue. Happy New Year to you Tracey R±48

  17. I had to laugh - I seem to throw away many paintbrushes after they harden with glue, paint, whatever on them. I like the idea of your ad-inspired mini. I find advertising to be a great source of inspiration - from the interesting foldable doodads they send to the catchy phrases. This looks like a fun one.

    Have a great day - and Happy New Year!

    MA (5)

  18. Yes - the days are very confusing when we're on holiday - it will be a big shcok to have to go bakc to work next week! Happy new year!
    Bernice #60

  19. Happy New Year to you too, days all to pot here aswell. Holidays do that to you. Your desk looks very productive, hope 2013 brings lot of crafty fun, hugs Erika. 59

  20. All I know is it's not the day to go back to work yet 'cause we're having extra time off this year. Otherwise, I only knew it was Wednesday when I was checking out my blog following page and everyone else was posting WOYWW!!
    Lovely creative space you have there!!
    Happy New Year and Happy WOYWW

  21. loved your post today it made me LOL.holidays always throw you and spend all week trying to work out what day it is !.thanks for visiting an sorry to disappoint you the cup and saucer on my desk is a candle (xmas pressie from my step daughter)alas I'm not that civilised to have my tea in it! and I'm a hardened coffee drinker all the best for 2013 Andrea x#9

  22. well I did get the comment so thanks for persevering, I haven't mailed you your pressie because I am useless, and am wasting my time on pointless rants at the moment, however, towards the end of January i may actual post you something,,, I do so hope it is worth your wait....

    dxxx 95

  23. Lots to see on your desk and great to know that other folk forget to clean things too LOL

    Hope you get to spend more time crafting in 2013 - I think you really deserve it.

    Toni xx

  24. I think the brush stuck to the pot could become a great piece of altered art. I hope you don't bin it but give it a chance at a new lease on life!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Love Rachel, #6

  25. Happy New Year and I too get scratchy if I can't craft :) Sorry I'm a bit late for WOYWW. Hugs, Di xx #19

  26. Fab idea for a book of excuse phrases - a great way to remind everyone that a new year is made by the things we do during it, not just what we resolve to do...and then don't! It'd be lovely to see what you come up with for this project. Best wishes and Happy New Year + happy WOYWW, Deb # 131

  27. Crafting definitely relaxes me and I sleep better. I am with you. I am still not sure what day it is yet. Have a Happy New Year doing the things you love. xx Maggie #45

  28. Hahahaha - the gluepot thing... haven't we all done that ?!!!
    I too am definitely more serene when crafting :-)
    Happy New Year to you
    IKE xx WOYWW *86


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