Thursday, 3 January 2013

What do you mean...

I can't lie about my age?  Poop... another notch on the birthday post then!! ;)
Birthdays were way more fun when I was young and I added a few years on in an attempt to be older... and when you get to be in your late 70's it seems perfectly alright to add a few years so people think you are looking good for your senior years but I'm at that awkward middle period when I would prefer to ignore the numbers entirely!! LOL  (I had to stop telling people I was middle aged because my son pointed out to me that I didn't know anyone in their hundreds so I couldn't possibly be in the middle anymore)!!
but just to prove there is life in the old girl yet... these are the shoes I have bought with my birthday money... aren't they brilliant?  Won't they look fab with jeans as I swan about in Brisbane in the sunshine? LOL
and this is how I spent my time yesterday... little felt 'sugar skulls' made into a handbag charm for my Granddaughter.
I think they are cute so  hope she does too!
(Now, these were not my idea, I saw some on Etsy and they were fabulous but at $37 EACH I decided that I would make my own.


  1. Brilliant post - and the best way to cheer yourself up after one of 'those birthdays'! BTW, you are probably nowhere near middle-aged - the fifties are the new thirties, don't ya know :) The little owl is adorable, those shoes are to die for and the 'sugar skulls' are scary but fab. Happy belated birthday. Elizabeth xx

  2. Happiest of Birthday's to you Annette... hope you have a fabby day. LOVE those shoes... I have shoe envy lol xx

  3. Lets hope it's a great one Anette. Love that little owl.
    A x

  4. Oh Happy Birthday hun - hope you enjoyed it regardless of the number and those sugar skulls are fabulous!

  5. Happy Birthday to you! I love those shoes... and you know they always say, you are as old as your nose and a little older than your teeth...or as old as you feel...

  6. happy Happy Birthday Anette, really love the shoes. Take the day off.....leave the bedmaking!!

  7. Happy birthday to you Annette. I hope you had a good day. Love those shoes and good luck on the move again. You are one lucky traveller. *Ü* ~Glen~

  8. Happy birthday!(i used to do the same thing - add a few years when i was young, now i round down . . . HA!)

    love the shoes!

  9. I couldn't wait to get here to wish you a very Happy New Year AND a happy birthday.

    I still don't have your address, so I can't send the package I have for you, although I read tonight that mine is on the way. Yes, blogger is giving me fits. I haven't been able to even get on my own blog.

    Even though I would never be able to wear them, those are some pretty cool shoes.

    I remember when I turned 35, someone told me I was MIDDLE AGED. I denied it for several years and when I hit 40, I said I was NOT going to ever get old. Age is an attitude and you are only as old as you feel.

    Again, happy birthday a day late.

  10. I forgot to mention. I love those sugar skulls. They are perfect for Day of the Dead, too.

  11. Wishing you Many Happy Returns.

    Those shoes are fabulous and will look amazing with jeans.

    Toni xx


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