Saturday, 12 January 2013

Still playing...

I had noticed that Andy used little number/letters on some of his pieces and I really liked the way it made the 'metal' item look authentic so I did a quick search on eBay and found a punch set which was reasonably priced and when it turned up at the house yesterday morning it was in this plain wooden box....
 well, what's a girl to do when she is faced with a wooden object? LOL
This is it opened with the punches all neatly lined up.
and this is it now!!
and I think I have the coolest punch set ever!
and the biggest laugh of all?  I forgot to use the punches on the box... I know, what a numpty!!
and just to prove that nothing is safe in this house at the moment... I picked up this silvered sheet metal rocking horse a couple of weeks ago for a certain person's birthday (yep, like you need any clues on that one)! It had some scuff marks on it so i thought I would have a play...
I think he looks like a very old and loved rocking horse now...


  1. I love this technique!!! How's is done???
    The wooden punch box was cool enough before you started to work on it, but now
    ...... it's amazing!!!! :-)

  2. can I just say WOW, and WOW - the box and horse are just stunning, and yeh I'd probably have forgotten to use the punches too lol

  3. The punch box is fantastic!
    I bought a punch set from the hardware shop and it came in a very ornery grey plastic box!

  4. Wowza!!!!

    That box is fabulous and the horse looks beautiful.

    I might just have to sign-up for his on-line workshop as I don't think I can wait until March when I go on the real live thing.

    Toni xx

  5. What a great Idea to do the punch box!.... I can see what you mean when you say nothing is safe LOL

  6. What are you like - you did make me giggle Annette - but the box looks fabulous!

  7. Oh wow, I have punch box envy, that is gorgeous, love the rocking horse too.
    C xx

  8. Totally gorgeous box - clever you!!

  9. What a trasformation - on both! the box is truly amazing and the horse is just so darned charming. both great projects!

  10. love these projects! yes, you have the coolest punch set ever!


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