Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Davey Jones Locker

So this is how the cigar box turned out... not exactly as the image in my mind intended, but you know what leaky elbow syndrome can do when you are playing... it doesn't quite reach the fingers, but I am happy with the effect all the same!! Andy Skinner will probably have an iffy fit when he sees it because I think I broke a few rules here and there .
The pipework was made from drinking straws... I saw them in the cupboard last night and a little light bulb went off... speaking of which, the light bulbs are from a car bulb replacement kit and I made the springs from wire wrapped around a pencil.
I found a jar of pumice medium gel and tried to create a rust effect... it turned out looking more like lichen and I like it!!
I think I need to sign up for Andy's other class... this is way too much fun!!


  1. Wow that is amazing Annette. I love it.
    A x

  2. Oh I need to sign up for some of these classes. Have just been scrolling through your previous posts playing catch up. The AS things you have been doing are beyond fantastic. Love the skulls you made too. Fab work as always on your blog.
    Don't envy you the inventory-ising(?) one little bit. What a job. Guess you had better make a start so won't hold you up.
    Hugs, Neet 11 thanks for the visit to me earlier

  3. Oh I've done his steampunk class and it's amazing, only issue I have is the time limit element as trying to get the right slot with work etc doesn't always seem to fit but I think I'll try and do another one this year some time!


  4. off to read about Andy Skinner...this looks FABULOUS!

  5. thank you for hopping over from mary anne's :)
    this box is just incredible! an amazing creation!!

  6. Annette, another super creation - have you seen the ads for the "Book of Ruination" class (the texture & drybrushing look amazing).

    Toni xx

  7. What a brilliant creation - you clever girl. Rules in crafting - no surely not ? Just go for it !! Thanks for stopping by ! Ali #4

  8. oh this is gorgeous I want one! very cleverly made!!


  9. Your box is absolutly stunning and i think Mr. Skinner is familiar to meet artist's which are breaking rules (:o)Cool idea to use straws!!

  10. Wow ...I love your master piece. xx


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