Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Here we all are again, another Wednesday creeping up and biting us in the bum!  I am sure there were loads of things I was supposed to do during this past week and I don't  think I have done half of them! But Julia and her weekly round of the crafty desk of the world says take a photo of your work desk and reveal all, so here it is:
as you can see I have the paints out and am playing with a piece of chipboard.
here is a close up of the piece, still got to do some stamping and add a quote.
I have sorted out what I am taking to Oz scrapping wise... and the shippers will come in and pack mid February.  I think I have cut it down to essentials only? ;)
My front garden.
This was taken from the front garden looking over the fields.  It was supposed to get to -12 for us over night so I do't think I will be going anywhere much today, indoors in the warm is the place to be!  I'm just glad we have no wind at the moment or it would be bitterly cold out there.
Have a good Wednesday!!


  1. Kewl little piece your creting love the clogs and wheels :)Happy WOYWW hugs Nikki #6

  2. The snow looks beautiful. Good luck with the packing.
    Sandra @16

  3. Looks like the snow has got you good & proper !! So glad it isn't here in Wales - my DH uses a wheelchair & snow & disabled living aren't very compatible !!
    Love your project this week !
    Very atmospheric !
    Yes can see you have what is going to ship down to a few critical items !!! Bet you found some things you had forgotten you had as you sorted that lot out !! Ali x #8

  4. 'fraid mary anne pipped us both to the no. 1 spot!!
    i just love your work, and that's a pile of stuff to pack!!
    keep warm!
    Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week :o)
    no. 2

  5. Pretty snowfall, but oh the cold, we'll get it Fri/Sat -4 at least. But later today in the 40's weird weather. Like the steampuk..haven't tried it yet, just happy to be back in the grove. Happy WOYWW Lucky #13 today. But it's off to dream for me right now.

  6. Love that steampunk piece! Looks as snowy as here - and more is just falling down. We have only -6°C, but it´s getting colder and I have to go out tomorrow morning... brrr...
    Greetings from Finland!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tuire #5

  7. Your little project looks interesting. It is very cold out this morning & i'm staying indoors as well . Have a good day crafting jill #40

  8. That's quite some pile of essentials, hey?! But you don't want to get there and then find you need that one item you left out and... I can see where you're going!!! The pictures are gorgeous, this cold snowy weather (we don't have it down south yet...) is ok if you can stay inside and craft (or pack..) so stay warm today! Helen, 10

  9. WOW it looks really cold there today. I was whining cause we are at -1 today! Love the steampunkish piece you are working on. I think you will have a lot of fun stuff to play with when you get to Oz! Have a great week. Vickie #43

  10. Love your steam punk piece. Will you just leave it at that for Oz, or do you think you will keep slipping a few extras in until February, you have got two more weeks!

  11. love the cogs piece its really nice.
    pretty cold here too

    loving your 'essentials' pic mine would be a much larger pile!! lol

    Happy WOYWW Mrs.C #46 {i think?!}

  12. Oh to have to choose what crafty things to take and what to leave! Rather you than me but it does rather look like you are taking most of it;-)
    A x #50

  13. Yah, that pile of boxes looks like bare essentials...meantime are you dipping in and out of it? I'm constantly amazed by how you can turn chipboard into leather and metal. I just said to Mary Anne, other people are so clever!

  14. Excellent to see this workdesk an so nice to meet you !This will get an excellent stampunk piece i think!

    Have a good and creative rest of the week!

    Invitation to take part on:

  15. Wouldn't mind a little bit of snow down here in the south to match the coldness...would give me a great excuse to get messy haven't had a play like yours for ages!!

    I think my essentials would be have to be everything in the cupboard don't think I could part with any of it!!

    Frankiesue #77

  16. Loving the look of your coggy chipboard.

  17. I have so much admiration for you do you do so much moving around and keep sane...and still create so brilliantly and inspiringly. My mojo gets roused when I see what you are up to but never comes to the surface nowadays....I just post about animals and food at the moment.
    One question ...what do you do with all your creations ...your walls and surfaces must be groaning ....or do you create for the fun of creation and then box most away? I think this is one of my problems ....I think I need a reason to create. take Care xx

  18. Beautiful picture with the snow! Good luck with the packing!
    Glenda #96

  19. Today bit me in the bum too ;D
    I haven't visited as I should and only just realised that you're coming downunder! I'll have to read back through your posts so that I can catch up.
    What part of Oz are you heading to?
    You've also got some serious decisions with the packing and I don't envy you. Our next move will be number 12! \
    Anyway Good Luck and I'll chat to you when you arrive over here

    Neesie ♥ #24

  20. Looking very steampunk on your desk this week. That is def. one of my most favourite styles of all time. I think because I like the steampunk literature it just appeals to me - every time I see something in that style I just want to read The Difference Engine again :) Shame it's in storage in Virginia :(

    Ah well, Happy WOYWW anyway.

    MA (1)

  21. Looking very steampunk on your desk this week. That is def. one of my most favourite styles of all time. I think because I like the steampunk literature it just appeals to me - every time I see something in that style I just want to read The Difference Engine again :) Shame it's in storage in Virginia :(

    Ah well, Happy WOYWW anyway.

    MA (1)

  22. Love the steampunk creation. Your garden does look beautful- I love snow as long as I can look out of the window at it! Have a great week, Hugs Shaz xx#65

  23. Well done one being 'nearly #1'! The painting looks good and such pretty snow, too. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@104)

  24. Absolutely love the steampunk chipboard. Can't wait to see it finished.
    Lori #84

  25. I only see essentials in that pile to take with you too! Bet you're looking forward to some sun but I love the winter views, love to see blue sky after it's snowed, so pretty.

    Brenda 106

  26. OMG I love what's on your desk I shall be popping back to see the finished item.
    Glad we have not had any of the white stuff yet.
    Ria #114

  27. Your steampunk piece looks interesting. I've grown to like the cogs (is that what they are called)? Packing is always a bother - are you moving?

    We have also gotten lots of the white stuff - it looks so beautiful right after it comes down, before the sand trucks come.

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #123

  28. Just love seeing the snow pictures, ours is just in wet form, lol That chipboard piece you are working on looks just like a chunk of metal, fantastic job! ♥ waving hi from the soggy laden hills of North Carolina ☺

  29. Gorgeous snow photos hun and essential items - yes you may have that covered! You seem to have got the dry brushing down to a fine art -I never got to 'just the right brush' when I did the course and have fought through the ones I have!

  30. That's going from one extreme to the other, packing for Oz and showing snow scenes!! -12 is blooming cold, it's only been -6 here, positively tropical, lol
    The doohickey on my website is apparently a needle threader, though goodness knows how it works!!
    Hugs, LLJ 38 xx

  31. love your steampunk and I've snooped on your next post too! gorgeous.
    I'll post full details asap and you can have a think whether you are up for the LillyBo quilts. They need only be small and simple. thanks for considering it, it's appreciated so much.
    Jo x

  32. I am envious of the snow. All weekend it was in the 40's and raining. UGH. The snow is so much prettier ... well so much more appropriate for January.
    Love all the gears, and cogs, and am looking forward to seeing the finished product! And congratulations on cutting down to the essentials...are you sure you have every thing??? Oh well, they must have stores there if you've forgotten a thing or two.
    Sara #144

  33. Love the piece your working on cant wait to see the finished article.

    Becky #147

  34. Lovely piece you are working on there. I also love your idea of "essentials" and light packing! Tee Hee!
    Good luck on your travels.
    Hettie 56

  35. Love your chipboard creation so far. You have a lot of snow there.

  36. Your desk is looking nice and busy. Had to giggle at your essentials as I'm sure you'll have far more to bring back from Oz LOL

    Beautiful snow photos but I'm sooooooooooooooooo longing for some warm weather - I really am not a cold & frosty lover.

    Toni xx

  37. Hi Annette, I'm so jealous - we have absolutely no snow! However, it is bitterly cold out there and I'm venturing nowhere too :)

    Are you sure you are taking all the scrapping items necessary? Doesn't look nearly enough to me :))

    Look forward to seeing the finished piece and thanks for sharing those lovely snowy photos. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #52

  38. Had to 'bare essentials' are EVERYTHING!!!! Once upon a time I could craft with a little, but not anymore. Sooooo spoiled! Stay warm!

    Jeannie #47

  39. The snow is lovely. I know what you meant by already Wednesday again. Congrats on figuring out what the essentials for your trip. :-)
    April #141

  40. Ooh the chipboard piece is looking so good! Paints in bottles (?) must be a UK thing as I only find it in tubes in the States. Good luck with the move. Happy WOYWW! Nan 113

  41. I love what's on your desk.
    I am only quite new to this style, it's always been cards for me in the past but now i am doing more altered things and love the look of what you are doing.
    Sad to see craft things in boxes, but think of all the fun setting it out again at the other end.
    Nelle #152

  42. Down here in deepest darkest Wiltshire, the first flakes of snow are falling as I type - we weren't predicted snow until Friday, so this is NOT good news. All I know is that I am at home, I have the heating on and I am STILL cold, so how you're staying warm with overnight lows of -12 I do NOT know!

    Still, at least we get the chance to either be creative or watch other people create! I love your steampunk piece, very nice indeed....

    Hope you have a good week.

    Morti #67

  43. Whoops! Forgot to say - good luck with the packing. However much you may think you've got it down to the bare minimum and you've got everything you need, you know jolly well that you'll discover something vital you've left behind!!!

  44. TThat's the very barest of essentials there - I'm sure you'er missing a thing or two. I see you're number changed and you're not No 1 as you thought - I was 106 when I did the linky but I'm now 110 - how does it do it?!?!?!?
    Good luck on the packing - love the steampunk piece in progress!

  45. You are envious of my trip to CHA but i am equally envious of the gorgeous things you make and have made in the past. Especially jealous of the workshop you did with Andy Skinner, I would love to do one. Must do one!
    Make the most of the snow, guess you won't get it in Oz.
    Hugs, Neet 7 xx

  46. Love the steampunk you have on your desk, how exiting sorting the bits for oz and difficult as well to know what to take - I have not shared my desk this week as am busy looking after my friends cattery but am enjoying looking at everyone else craftiness - Have a great week

  47. Oh what beautiful snow pictures! We haven't had much snow where I live yet this year, but I'm hoping for at least one good dumping!

    Love the project you're working on...cant wait to see it finished!

    Thanks for stopping by this week!

    Amy E. #21


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