Friday, 18 January 2013

Share a Smile on Friday

Annie AKA Wipso, does a Share a Smile on Fridays and asked if I would like to join in.  As I had just had the camera out photographing the antics of two radiator hogging cats I thought I would!

It all began earlier with Tom-Tom shoving Pandy off her perch above the radiator in my bedroom... so like any Mum of toddlers I offered her a nice cosy spot in the scraproom in the cat chair where she was sound asleep without a care in the world...
then along came Tom-Tom the bully and decided to cram himself in beside her...with a few bites to her bum to make her move over...
and a few more bites because he didn't really feel like sharing at all...
while Pandy gives him a wash in the hope that he will let her stay...
what me?  Noooo, I didn't do anything...
and Pandy oomphed out into the cold... ;)


  1. Hehehe brilliant.....yes I'm smiling. :-)
    Thanks for joining in the fun.
    A x

  2. Having three cats myself, I found this post quite funny. They are just like dealing with toddlers.
    Thanks for sharing I love to hear about other people's cats...they are all soooo much alike.

  3. What little characters they are! Keep cosy. x Jo

  4. aww... poor sweet little Pandy ....

  5. Naughty Tom Tom -= but what an angelic look he gives at the end. Give Pandy a pat from me as consolation.Hugs, Neet (who thinks Tom Tom is adorable too but doesn't get a pat from me today)

  6. Oh poor thing being kicked out of her lovely seat!

  7. super photos and captions.

    many blessings to you from Angela

  8. Poor Pandy, but so typical of cats. Definitely made me smile! I have joined in with the Friday smile as well...I hope mine makes you smile too!

  9. Oh yes, I have seen that scenario before and it did make me smile. We now have a similar thing going on with the two dogs. thank you for sharing those lovely shots with us. xx Maggie

  10. Super pics and they really look cute and cosy!
    Jo x

  11. Oh dear, couldn't help laughing at Tom-Tom's antics but poor Pandy, evicted again! Great series of photos. Elizabeth xx

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