Sunday, 14 December 2008

Curiosity and the Cat...

So, here I am with a teeny wheeny tree and about 3 Christmas decorations to my name and Gypsy decided to attack something on the table with the tree and one ornament on it... resulting in glass and bits everywhere.... so here she is hiding upstairs in the scrap room under the table with a few mini books plonked on it... but you can't stay cross with her... I guess all the shiny, glittery, dangly stuff must be a huge temptation....

The tree survived, the ornament did not...


  1. Perhaps a few little trinkets made from Dan's templates would be more robust and 'Gypsy proof' LOL.

    She looks so cute hiding under the table.

    Toni :o)

  2. kitty's ALWAYS seem to love the trees. Poor Gypsey. Feeling guilty.

    SHe sure is feeling AT HOME in your home Annette. I suppose who wouldn't ?

  3. Aww! I took all my glass ornaments off the tree after my DS was born & haven't put them on since....I'm actually afraid to see how little are left....

  4. I have 2 cats and they have been half way up the tree so far!


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