Tuesday, 16 December 2008

JYC December 16th

Today's prompt was about all the things we are grateful for this Christmas. I wasn't feeling very Fa la la la la when I did this page and looking at it... I think you can tell! Maybe I will re-do this one at a later date - when I am feeling less Scrooge and more Santa's elf.
The journalling is on the flip down piece with the trees on it... and you really don't want to read my grumpiness, so best it stays shut!


  1. ooh your JYC pages are all gorgeous, as ever xxx

  2. Your page is lovely, it doesn't need redoing! The trees are gorgeous too are they embossed metals?

  3. You may have been grumpy when you created this, but it IS beautiful!!! Hope some of the 'bah humbug' has moved on ... ;-)

  4. You may have been feeling grumpy when you created this, but it is beautiful!!!!
    Hope some of the "bah humbug" has moved on from you ... and today brings you joy & laughter.

  5. very nice! you have been a busy girl! xoxoxo

  6. So pretty!

    Hope you are feeling less unChristmassy now.

    I'm glad I don't have to work Christmas eve now-whilst I was at uni I worked in retail and had to work on Christmas eve. Now school breaks up on Friday and I get a nice week off before the big day! The kids are mental though!!

  7. (((hugs)) Annette - but I have to say I think the page is stunning. The colours and design are lovely. Love the trees!

    Sorry to hear about how you feel.

    Maybe you need to come spend a day down here. We can go to my little stores and browse!

    An Altered Life

  8. oh wow Im loving your pages they are so rich and colorful.

  9. this is the most beautiful page


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