Thursday, 11 December 2008

JYC December 11th

Oh Christmas Tree!!!

It’s my own fault, I was so busy making sure that I packed every conceivable piece of stash to go in the air shipment in September that when it came to Christmas decs and the all important tree... I figured no decs and the little red straw tree with built in lights that I bought in Mr Price Home in Secunda when we were there for the Christmas of 2005 – it’s great for the dining room at home, adds a touch of Christmas but doesn’t take up too much room, and I figured it would do fine for Saudi because we would probably be home for the holidays anyway.
So, here I am in this villa, with a lounge the size of Aberdeen’s airport terminal which has 3 huge windows overlooking the terrace... the centre window would be perfect for my big 6 foot tree, weighed down with all its lights and decorations, it would look stunning, the sort of position a tree such as it should have... whilst the reality doesn’t quite match the dream...and the little red one looks quite pathetic in its place...but no matter, the little kids coming to Christmas dinner won’t mind about the little tree, the guys who aren’t going home to their families won’t mind about the little tree, so the little tree and me will just have to brave it out!!

Oh and we had to add a close-up of a tree decoration and use one of those little ornament hangers on our page... well, I didn't have any of them so I made my own and took a photograph of one of the baubles I have collected to remind of our Saudi Christmas. I have angels from Antwerp, beaded decs from South Africa, French hand made baubles from my Mum, in fact, my tree is a bit like the United Nations, it makes decorating it and taking it down quite an interesting event, as I recall the different Christmas' we have enjoyed represented by their own unique ornaments.


  1. I had to smile at the thought of you frantically packing your stash whilst the tree was not considered an essential LOL

    Your little red tree is cute and I'm sure everyone will appreciate the symbol even if the size is a little lacking.

    Great page again, Annette.

    Toni :o)

  2. The big tree may have gone missing at customs too - it's been know to happen.

    I am glad you have a tree. Our second hand one died last year and we don't have one this year.

    Your pages are amazing. Love the ornament too.

    An Altered Life

  3. Aww bless it! Really clever use of the space with the flap... I think I would sacrifice my tree for stash - its a no brainer! x

  4. just lovin your blog. always do, get myself a cuppa and come for a nosey at your stuff and journalllings - loving your tree one today, brilliant idea. Keep at it (I know you will) - Gill.

  5. I totally love the page and the story

    I am so glad soemone knew exactlyw hat I meant by the tin foil tinsel and you described it perfectly.

    I am going to try the orange peel

  6. love this story, and love that saudi bauble. We always try to get a christmas tree decoration from places we visit/holidays that we go on, but we don't have anything with a camel on!

  7. fab pages I'm just loving all your Saudi decs and the tree is sweet

  8. That camel bauble is just lovely - bet it looks great on the tree!

  9. Gorgeous ornament and I love the idea of the UN of ornaments - another mini album in the making?

    Hope Christmas is wonderful even with a small tree :)


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