Saturday, 6 December 2008

Gypsy Learns to Play...

Those that follow this blog may recall me telling you about the little cat that decided she was making her home with us. After some investigation I found out her name is Gypsy and she has been roaming the compound for over a year. I also found out that she had been neutored so that was a big worry as feral kittens are a big problem here. She has had kittens, probably when she was no more than a kitten herself and the vet that neutored her removed a litter during the operation. (Not sure if the vets in the UK will actually do that but here it appears to be quite normal as people go to a lot of trouble to cage the feral cats, have them neutored and either re-homed or released back into the village).

Well, Gypsy is a pretty little thing and if outside loves to be up high where she can see everything and escape if any other cats appear. Here she is doing a pretty good impression of a sphinx!!

She loves my bedroom balcony - will sit and look out for ages and can climb down from here to the garden and back up again when she wants! She has decided that my feet are really good place to sleep at night and if she decides she wants out... she just puts her claws in hard and I move pretty quickly!!

When I am scrapping she makes herself comfy on the sofa in the scraproom and is quite happy to sleep away a few hours while I mess about. Then this morning she found a piece of ribbon and was gently giving it a swipe... so I got some silver foil and some ribbons and made her a ball...

What a delight it was to sit and watch her play for the first time! She had that thing under the table, in the air and hunted it from every direction...Apologies for the poor photos but I struggle to get good pics when the subject is still... a moving one had no chance but you can see what fun she was having.... until the timer on the clothes dryer went off to say it was finished... she still hates sudden noises and movements and heads for the nearest exit when alarmed... but she has learned to play!!


  1. Aww Gypsy is gorgeous! What a lovely little story about her too, she seems very much at home.

  2. She is so lovely, and really seems to have taken to you - cats always know when they're on to a good thing

  3. such a cute kitty! I love your christmas jopurnal fab use of the bind it all as always

  4. Your house guest seems to be enjoying herself - such a cutie.

    Toni :o)

  5. Ha ha ha she's having a ball there ! literally !


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