Tuesday, 2 December 2008

JYC December 2nd

Here is my page for prompt 2 for December 2nd and I had to work on my snowflake so that it reflected the colours of the golden sand on the beach I walked along this morning. I have put it on the cover of a matchbook type affair so that my journalling and photographs will all fit in... hmmm, I get the feeling this book may be trying to compete with last year's Journal in the fatness league!! LOL


  1. Brilliant ... love it .. love the photos ... and the snowflake ... don't see this book getting thinner though!!! LOL :D :D

  2. Great entry Annette, I am joining the trying to stay thin brigade as well!!

  3. Beautiful page Annette, Love your snowflake :)
    Rach x

  4. Ho hum...one fat book on the way LOL

    The pages look great so far Annette.

    Toni :o)

  5. Wow just so lovely. I love that big snowflake. We actually had snow this morning!!

  6. Fantastic Annette. The snowflake is fabulous.

  7. I love how you have incorporated the snowflake. Great journalling too!
    Before I even read your description I just said to myself "this is going to be another fat album!"

  8. Annette you live on such a beautiful compound.

    Welcome to a Saudi Christmas. It actually got cool down here yesterday.

    The snowflake is lovely and the sand colour perfect.


  9. Loving your album so far Annette, love the design of it.
    Am guessing a different Christmas for you this year.
    Take care

  10. love the interactive pages! This does look like another chunky book is on the way...have you no influence to get BIA to make bigger wires???

  11. I love your albums .. You are so beautiful. The photos simply great. Fantastically beautiful. I'm here every day. katja


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