Saturday, 6 December 2008

JYC December 6th

I have faffed about all day avoiding this prompt... so at least the laundry is now done and the house is tidy so I guess something good came out of the avoidance!! LOL

Remember a good Christmas and remember a not so good Christmas.... so I have made two pockets on the page and two tags, one for each memory.

A Christmas too far...
It was Christmas of 1991 and it was the Christmas that changed my life, a point when I was so down that the only place to go was up – and I have not looked back since but maybe that is cowardly and to review that Christmas is another way to bury it. The relationship I was in was awful and it had been for a long time but I trudged on through the years until that Christmas morning... when my 4 year old son came down to open his gifts and his father couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed and watch him doing it. It wasn’t the fact I chosen the gifts, it wasn’t the fact I had paid for the gifts, it wasn’t even the fact I had wrapped them.... all I wanted was him to enthuse and make a nice Christmas for his son... and he couldn’t be bothered. Once he had gone to the pub and not bothered to return for the Christmas dinner I had spent the day cooking I decided that it was the last Christmas he was going to spoil for me and Christopher... and it was, by March we were gone...

A Family At Last
2000 was the first Christmas that Chris, Christopher and I had as a proper family in our own home, it was a massive undertaking as Chris was overseas and Christopher and I moved into the new house the 7th of December – and I worked full time so it was a miracle I managed to get everywhere unpacked, sorted, the house decorated for Christmas, the shopping done and we were ready for Christmas by the time Chris got back from South Africa on the 15th December... and what a great Christmas it was, we were a family, celebrating in our new home.... definitely a Christmas to remember.


  1. Beautiful page Annette, and beautiful, meaningful, tear- jerking journalling. Love the way you did the tags

  2. What a beautiful project! I sometimes think that remembering the difficult times makes us appreciate the wonderful times even more...

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing those memories. Bad ones are tough to revisit sometimes but I think it helps us with the proper closure. God Bless.

  4. That is so beautiful Annette.
    I am glad you found courage and happiness - and look at you now!!

  5. What a lovely heartfelt page Annette, sometimes the bad memories are what makes us appreciate where we are now in our lives. Like me you have found happiness the second time around.

  6. Beautiful Annette and you are one courageous lady!!!

  7. Out of the bad came something wonderful - thank you for sharing your memories with us, it must have been difficult.

    Toni :o)

  8. I'm truly enjoying your journal! Thank you for sharing your memories, good and bad.

  9. Beautiful Tags Annette. Love the way you scrap. Your journaling is so beautiful too. I am very glad that things got better for you.

    An Altered Life

  10. Annette, I just have to say it, and I apologise in advance for you having to make this post X-rated - but your ex sounds like a complete & utter wanker!
    Good riddance to bad rubbish I say, and good on you for having the courage to leave the friggin' idiot!!
    I am so happy that you have found a good man to share your life - they are fairly hard to come by these days, but they are there if you just keep looking :o)
    Another great journal page too BTW :o)

  11. Wow annette your page is beautiful and once again your journalling is completely from the heart. Your ex was a fool to lose a lovely lady like you! x

  12. stunning page and very emotional and meaningful journaling. x


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