Monday, 22 December 2008

JYC December 19th and 20th

December 19th's prompt was to write a letter a Santa, so I put inside an envelope with a magnetic catch for the flap.
Prompt 20 was to describe an unexpected surprise and this certainly was both, a lovely card and some bracket covers from Nan Paturzo from Bind It All - she certainly surprised me and I will be sure to using these on a mini book very shortly!!

Best laid plans of mice, men and mini-book makers.... I figured I was halfway through the prompts at this point and there is no way this baby is going to close nicely... so I will have to do some thin pages and re-bind it hopefully evening the load between the two sections!!


  1. LOL - did you really think you would manage a 'thin' book, he he.

    Fat or not, your book is coming along great - I look forward to seeing each new post.

    Toni :o)

  2. Looking gorgeous Annette, hope you manage to suss out how to get it closed!

  3. Beautiful! I just cannot do a thin book to save myself!

  4. I love all your pages, Annette. Well done for managing to keep up.

    I, on the other hand, despite my best-laid plans, stalled on the 3rd. I think I will just pack it all up carefully and keep it for next year.

  5. I just love your pages in the JYC so elegant and inspiring.

  6. Merry Christmas - another lovely minibook - these are FOR SURE on my to-do list for 2009 - I challenged myself to make some in 2008 - but sadly only mastered one. On the other hand I planned to do 52 cards (one a week) and ended up having done 140. So much for planning =0)
    Take care and have fun - I have enjoyed reading about your life abroad and look forward to visiting you in 2009.


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